Where journalism meets data

The “…website is dedicated to providing anyone interested in getting started with data driven journalism with a collection of learning resources, including relevant events, tools, tutorials, interviews and case studies. The data journalism community and mailing list are dedicated to strengthening the community of journalists, designers, data providers and others, and encouraging collaboration and exchange of expertise.”

And they are making the “…first comprehensive Data Journalism Handbook started being drafted at the recent Mozilla Festival in London in a session run by the EJC and the Open Knowledge Foundation. Data journalists and developers from leading news organisations and journalism schools are contributing to this ongoing Data Driven Journalism project. Feel free to share your own material and pitch in your ideas via the public data-driven-journalism mailing list, the #ddj or #ddjbook hashtags on Twitter, or by sending an email to bounegru@ejc.net ».”

Learn and participate 🙂


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